Alternative investments in the Spanish speaking world


As a platform, we reduce cultural and investment barriers between geographies to grant access to opportunity rich greenfield environments, and provide the experience of investing in these with ease and familiarity, just like you would at home.



Creating long-term value


A Cultural Bridge

The competitive advantage of Net de Gerrers is that we are local at the point of investment, yet global in our understanding of our investors..

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Independent Thought

We are independent in our thinking, and seek long term relative value. NdG takes a conservative approach to efficient risk/return profiles..

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Operational Capacity

We are a financial firm with the expertise to execute the operational components of our investments. Due to our teams size and capacity, we’re able to build portfolios from the ground up…

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Discipline & Delivery

We understand the importance of exemplary communications within our firm, between our service providers and with our clients. It’s the key to long-lasting relationships, stability and growth…

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Creating sustainable competitive advantage

Our team pursues a specialised strategy founded on creating sustainable competitive advantage within the Iberphone geography, while sharing a common perspective on value creation and impact.


impact investing

Socio-economic impact


As an investment manager and investor, NdG carries out a qualitative assessment of potential investments and evaluates the projected return on an opportunity. A program’s impact is not just about the number of people touched; it’s about the improvement achieved.


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