Company values:

1. Cultural Bridge:

A core competency and competitive advantage of Net de Gerrers is that we are local at the point of investment, and global in our understanding of our investors. We bridge cultural gaps internally, to provide opportunities otherwise inaccessible to institutional capital.

2. Independent Thought:

Investment Profile: Net de Gerrers focuses on relative value investments, where active operational management is a crucial component to achieving the asset’s potential, and superior risk adjusted returns. We currently target real assets, and ventures in Spain, by utilizing development, opportunity, and income-producing strategies, which include infrastructure development in Iberia and the Americas, and core income producing assets in the US, UK, and EU.

Proprietary Origination: Net de Gerrers has built an extensive network of industry relationships to source opportunities ahead of the competition. Our industry expertise and network allow us to conduct effective and informed due diligence, structure investments, and identify potential exits. Our ongoing presence and cultural proximity at the point of investment, allows us to obtain market insight as trends develop, and be the first to value opportunities, coordinate sellers and joint venture partners.

Prudent Leverage: Net de Gerrers takes a conservative approach to leverage, seeking efficient risk/return profiles.

Conservative, Appropriate Risk Profiles - Fundamental View: Not financial engineering but operational value creation and investment discipline – fundamental view.

3. Operational Capability:

We are a financial firm, but we include in our ranks the expertise to carry out the operational components of our investments.

Ground Up Portfolios: Due to our teams operational capacity and size, we build portfolios from the ground up, carefully assembling investments one by one to craft singular portfolios for our investors.

Multi-disciplinary Team: Although we are a financial firm, our team members include diverse industry profiles. We are a team of energetic, seasoned professionals with an eye for innovative global development. Converging unique academic and professional backgrounds precipitates world-class problem-solving capabilities. We approach investment, starting with specialized industry knowledge, from the bottom up. Our holistic evaluation of assets, allows us to understand end-user sensibilities to qualities and design, that provide premiums in expanding market’s and provide downside protection in contracting markets. Additionally, we operationally aid our joint venture partners when issues arise.

4. Discipline And Delivery:

We understand the importance of communications within our firm, with our clients, service providers, and the end-users of our investments to be vital to long-lasting successful relationships. From to stability to growth, and trust through oversight. As such, Net de Gerrers strives to implement systems of reporting that are transparent, not only in accessing information but in understanding our position and underlying objectives at any point in time.